Hello Fiction on Fiction readers! It has been a long time! We here at Fiction on Fiction have been very busy this year reading books, so much so that we haven’t had any time to write reviews! But fear not! Here are the three worst books of 2015!

Quickening Sands by Shawn R. Morrissey-Coleman

What can one say about Quickening Sands that hasn’t already been said? The complex, epic, multigenerational novel about a family of exorcist nomads whose eternal patriarch is actually Nosferatu is layered and nuanced, but it is also tedious and overlong. At 1276 pages, the book can easily be used to kill tarantulas, stun chihuahuas, or bash in drywall, all activities that are more pleasant than reading it.

Beata’s Lost Left Isotoner Glove by Linnea Daria Devoreaux

Beata is leaving for work one morning when she can’t find her left glove. It is an Isotoner glove that she bought in the late 1980s, when she was a young intern at a marketing firm. The loss of the left glove sends Beata on a metaphorical and literal search, going over the events in her life while she goes over the rooms in her house. Devoreaux’s beautiful and elegant writing is a joy, but Beata’s quest feels forced. The surrealist aspects that seemed so fresh and organic in Singular Smells of a Seasonal Slalom, here feel old and  plastic, shoehorned in for effect, but without advancing the plot.

dot dot dot by shar

shar is well-known as a master of the experimental novel. His previous works, n, LOWERCASE, and Ink on Paper, were all interesting an innovative, highlighting how language can be used as a medium of sound, sight, and touch. But dot dot dot, rendered in a dotted font, is literally unreadable.